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Our History


In the 1970s, the Proácool - National Alcohol Program - went on to finance the construction of distilleries and the modernization of plants.
Through the creation of local industries that provide services to local and regional plants and distilleries, these industries grew and gained the national and, in some cases, the international market.


In 1975, Sergomel Mecânica Industrial arose in the market, founded by Mr. Oswaldo Ilceu Gomes, initiating its activities in the sugar and alcohol sector, restoring Trucks (3rd axis) and later restoring and adapting sugar cane bodies and trailers. The capital of some mill owners and entrepreneurs and the experience and technical knowledge of some workers, added to the demand created by Proácool, allowed an accelerated industrialization, with the emergence of numerous industries.


The very origin of Oficina Zanini, the first large industry in the municipality of Sertãozinho, occurred with the partnership between the metal craftsman Ettore Zanini and the mill owner Maurílio Biagi (from Santa Elisa mill). In the context of the hegemonic economy of Sertãozinho, a process began to take place, often informal and, in other cases, formal, but, in both, a process coordinated and oriented by some large and medium companies: the emergence of micro and small companies in the provision of industrial services for medium and large industries.

Our Differentials

  • Products within the standards
  • Fast service
  • Quality maintenance
  • Wide product line
  • Qualified support
  • Exclusive products

Be recognized in the market as an excellent company on transportation sector.


Act on transportation sector providing special and reliable products and services, aiming such an excellence on quality that ensure a great performance satisfying customers’ needs.

  • Quality of its products

  • Transparency and honesty

  • Valorização do trabalho em equipe

  • Work team valuation

  • Commitment

  • Punctuality