Loads-all Board – Removable Neck

  • I-beam-shaped central chassis reduced and crossed waist in plate metal SAC50 or similar, with U-shaped connecting crosspieces connecting the two U-shaped side rails;
  • Suspension: Pneumatic or Mechanical;
  • Brake System: ABS/Tubeless, "S came" system with two power lines, one of service and one of emergency and spring-brake in one of the axes, according to CONTRAN’s resolution;
  • Hydraulic neck with 2 cylinders for coupling to the loading platform and a hydraulic cylinder for lifting and supporting the chassis of the mechanical horse;
  • Bridle King Pin;
  • Replacement rim holder with protection on the front neck;
  • "Neck" support shoe;
  • Mini access ramps on the front (fixed);
  • Part of the closed wooden floor;
  • Installation of mooring rings for loads on the sides, front and back;
  • Accessories: Rear ramp

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