Road Train for Bales of Straw

  • Central chassis reduced, with I-shaped beam, crossed waist in plate SAC50 or similar, with U-shaped connecting crosspieces connecting the two I-shaped beams;
  • Truck dolly with fifth wheel or rotary table (flat);
  • Head with forged end for round pin;
  • Side U-beam connected by crossbars;
  • Closed and perforated mill with flanged plates;
  • Front and rear panel;
  • Cargo mooring turnstile;
  • Suspension: Pneumatic or Mechanical;
  • Brake System: ABS/Tubeless, "S came" system with two power lines, one of service and one of emergency and spring-brake in one of the axes, according to CONTRAN’s resolution;
  • Turnstiles: Manual turnstiles with ribbons, being: 02 ribbons per set of wood (with tension by pneumatic piston with course of 320mm) or turnstiles of automatic mooring of continuous adjustment.
  • Rolled Single or Double;
  • Wheels: Aluminum or Steel
  • Plastic or metal mudguard with rubber dampers;
  • Electrical part according to CNT standards;
  • Painting in PU system;
  • Accessories: Spare tire bracket, tool box, automatic calibration system, cone holder and water tank;

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