Sugar Cane Light Road Train

  • Reduced central chassis built in I-beam with high strength plate with 700MPa blasting tension;
  • 3.1/2" flanged king pin;
  • Central crosspieces in high resistance material;
  • Load box built in high resistance plate with 850Mpa blasting tension;
  • Suspension: rocker system or pneumatic system, being: single or double running;
  • Round axles with bearings 32218;
  • Tubeless brake system, with diameter of 16.5" x 8" and system "S came” with two power lines, one of service and one of emergency and spring-brake in the last axes, according to 777/93 CONTRAN’s resolution;
  • Disc wheels in steel or aluminum;
  • Electrical part according to CNT standards, with side and rear torches, red and white fluorescent reflective bands, and Long vehicle indicative rear plate;
  • Sergomel model paint: solvent and phosphate washing and finishing in PU in the standard color chosen by the customer;
  • Trailer (10.00 meters)

Quality first