Sugar Cane Light Trailer

  • Straight or recessed central chassis with I-shaped stringer, high-strength plate-edged, with connecting rods connecting the two stringers;
  • Structural frame built and locked with tubes on the sides, with plate reinforcements in the locks and support of the bearings;
  • Load Box and recess with structure formed by tubes, with closure in plate of high resistance (stamped). Being the recess, rounded in the corners, and reinforced in the region where the chains are;
  • Tipping of the load box fixed by four hinges with self-lubricating bushes, driven by wire system;
  • Tricky dolly fixed by turntable (thin);
  • Square frame header with forged dowel for round pin;
  • Brake System: ABS/Tubeless, "S came" system with two power lines, one of service and one emergency and spring-brake on one of the axes, according to CONTRAN resolution;
  • Suspension: Pneumatic or Mechanical;
  • Single or Double Wheels;
  • Wheels: steel or aluminum;
  • Electrical part according to CNT standards;
  • Painting in system P.U.;
  • Mudguards made of metal with rubber muds;
  • Optional: cargo cover system with tarpaulins, water crown, toolbox, coupling, etc.

Quality and sophistication