Sugar Cane Trailer Two-Axles

  • Central chassis reduced, with I-shaped crossbar, crossed waist in plate SAC50 or similar, with U-shaped connecting crosspieces connecting the two side rails;
  • Structural frame built and locked with pipes on the sides, with plate metal reinforcements in the blocks and support of the bearings;
  • Brake System: ABS/Tubeless, "S came" system with two power lines, one of service and one of emergency and spring-brake in one of the axes, according to CONTRAN’s resolution;
  • Square structure head with forged end for round pin;
  • Suspension: Pneumatic or Mechanical;
  • Rolled Single or Double;
  • Electrical part according to CNT standards;
  • Painting in PU system;
  • Metal mudguards with rubber dampers;
  • Optional: Cargo cover system with tarpaulins, water tank, tool box, coupling, etc.

Quality and accuracy