Tipper type Bodywork

  • Stringers built in the shape of a "U" beam, with "U" beam crosspieces in the center of the chassis, joined and welded in a lame on the chassis sidebar. Rear of the chassis with axle responsible for the articulation of the box, so that it is adjusted in the bearing fixed in the cargo box;
  • Load box built in "U" beam, with rounded corners in the enclosure plate;
  • Hydraulic frame consisting of a front hydraulic cylinder;
  • Plastic or metal mudguard with rubber dampers;
    Note: The truck must have a power plug installed.
  • Power plug/Hydraulic pump/Reservoir and end of course valve;
  • Left side access staircase;
  • Front spare tire bracket;
  • Electrical part according to CNT standards;
  • Painting in PU system;